Automatic Application Refresh

Arcadia Enterprise can automatically refresh the apps at a rate set by the user. This is typically necessary when the app includes visuals with dynamic information, such as stock tickers.

Developer Note. If you are embedding an Arcadia app inside another application, use the suffix described in this article, ?auto_refresh=sec, to set and customize the automatic refresh rate. The variable sec is an integer that represents the number of seconds between refreshes.

The following steps demonstrate how to create a simple application with a refresh rate. We will use a URL link visual to access live information on the NASDAQ stock exchange.

  1. Start a new application, based on any dataset.
  2. Click New Visual.

  3. Name and save the new app.
  4. Click the edit option in the top right corner of the new visual, to edit in a separate tab.

  5. From the Visuals menu, select link.
  6. In the URL field, enter
  7. Name and save the visual.
  8. Return to the browser tab that shows the parent app of the visual in edit mode, and refresh it.
  9. Resize the visual within the app to show relevant information, and save it.
  10. Switch to run mode. For example, these are the URLs for the app created in this article:

    • Edit mode:
    • Run mode:
  11. In the address field of your browser, add the following text at the end of the address: ?auto_refresh=sec, where sec is the desired frequency of auto-refresh in seconds. We used 10 seconds.

  12. Note that your application refreshes periodically.