Change Type

Arcadia's visuals enable you to change the type of the field as a cast operation of the form cast(expr as type), directly on the fields of the visual. Similarly, you can ensure that a field on a Geo shelf can be used even if it does not automatically satisfy Geo naming conventions.

To see the supported options, review Types Supported for Conversion.

To change the field type, follow these steps.

  1. When creating or editing a visual, determine which field variable you must convert to a new type.

    All shelves, except Filters, support type change.

  2. Click the (down) icon to the right of the variable to see the menu that contains the Change Type option.

  3. Hover the mouse pointer over Change type to see the list of data types.

  4. From the Change type menu, select one of the options described in Types Supported for Conversion.

  5. Click Refresh Visual to see the changes.