Arc Width

Applies to Pie charts. To show the chart without the empty circle in the middle (ring),

  1. Click Settings on the right side of the Visuals menu.

    selecting visual settings menu

    The Settings modal window appears.

  2. In the Settings modal window, click Marks.
  3. In the Arc Width specification, enter 0.

    Settings Modal, Open on Marks Tab, For Pie Charts
    Setting Arc Width on Pie Charts; Settings Marks
  4. Click Apply.

  5. Click Refresh Visual.

  6. Note that the ring visual became a pie chart. Similarly, you can experiment with the setting value to achieve different ring thickness.

    Three pie charts for world population: ring has arc width = 20, a doughnut with arc width = 60, and a pie chart with arc width = 0
    Comparing Pie Charts with Arc Width 20, 60, and 0