Ignore Missing Dates

To ensure that data is 'smoothed' over missing dates (the missing data is not graphed at value 0), follow these steps:

  1. Click Settings on the right side of the Visuals menu.

    selecting visual settings menu

    The Settings modal window appears.

  2. In the Settings modal window, click Marks.
  3. Select Ignore Missing Dates.

    Settings modal for line graph, open on Marks tab; checkbox for 'Show Legend' (active), 'Reverse Legend order' (active), and so on, and Apply button (active)
    Ignore Missing Dates; Settings Marks
  4. Click Apply.

  5. Click Refresh Visual.

  6. Note that some of the spikes are 'smoothed' in the second image.

    Line chart for world population: sum(population) on Y axis, year on X axis, country generating different upward trending lines, legend on the right side
    Compare Plotting Basic Data to Plotting Smoothed Lines