Arcadia Enterprise gives you an option to use a thumbnail image of the visual or dashboard to quickly identify the items you want to use.

Developer Note. Arcadia Data does not currently support the thumbnails feature on the Windows platform.

To use thumbnails, follow these steps.

  1. Enable thumbnail capture; see Turning on Thumbnails.

  2. Create a new visual or dashboard, and it will automatically generate a thumbnail in Appsview after you save it. Note the thumbnails that represent the new dashboard Geographic Detail and the new visual <<State Alpha:CA...>> in the following image. The existing visuals and apps appear in this view as type-specific icons.
    new visuals generate thumbnails when they are saved
    New Visuals with Thumbnails
  3. To change the type-specific icon representations to thumbnails that show existing visuals and dashboards, open these visuals in edit mode, and save them after making a minor change. Arcadia Enterprise generates the thumbnail as it saves the visuals and dashboards. Note the changes to the visuals Geo Data Bar Chart and All Geographical Features.
    existing visuals have to be 'saved' to generate a thumbnail
    Existing Visuals with Thumbnails