Stacked Bars; Bar Visuals Example

While bar charts show comparisons among categories, stacked bar charts show the bars divided into sub-parts. This demonstrates the cumulative effect of the component parts of a particular category.

Tip. This demonstration uses the visual previously created in Bar Visuals.

To use this visual to see a stacked bar representation for Europe, follow these steps.

  1. On the Y shelf, remove avg(life_expectancy) by clicking it and dragging it off the shelf.
  2. Under Measures, select gdp_per_capita, and drag it over Y shelf on the main part of the screen. Drop to add it to the shelf.
  3. Select the Average aggregation, so that the value appears as avg(gdp_per_capita).
  4. On the Filters shelf, click year, then click Pick values from a list.
  5. Select several values from the list, such as values 2000 through 2010, then click Save.

    This will ensure that you can see specific categories.

  6. In the Pick values for un_region modal window, select Europe, then click Save.

  7. [Optional] Add all fields of interest to the Tooltips shelf.
  8. {optional] Adjust display format for the values you wish to see in the Tooltip.
  9. Click Refresh Visual.
  10. Note how the graphic changed.

    If you hover the mouse over the graph, you can see the tooltip text.