Interactive Maps; Layer Options

By default, interactive maps render with a simple heatmap layer and a cluster. However, Arcadia Enterprise has several adjustments to all four main layering options: Heatmap Layer Options, Cluster Layer Options, Circle Marker Layer Options, and Marker Layer Options.

Developer Note. To use this feature, an Admin user must specify, through the Site Settings interface, the API keys granted to your organization. This is described in Specifying API Keys for Interactive Maps.

The following steps demonstrate how to make changes to layer specifications in interactive maps.

  1. Clone the visual previously built in Interactive Map Visuals.

    For a reminder on how to clone visuals, see Cloning Visuals.

  2. In the top visual menu, on the right side, click Settings.

    selecting visual settings menu
  3. In the Settings interface, select the Layer Options tab, and note that the 4 groups of layer options, described in Layer Options:

    layer options
  4. Note that by default, both the Heatmap and Cluster layers are selected. Make the necessary changes, and then click Apply.

    For details of possible changes and their effects, see the individual layer option described in Layer Options.

  5. Change the title of the visual, and Save it.