Customizing Zoom

To choose zoom options for your map visual,

  1. Click Settings on the right side of the Visuals menu.

    selecting visual settings menu

    The Settings modal window appears.

  2. In the Settings modal window, click the Zoom tab.
  3. [Optional] You may choose to turn on or off the following options:

    • Enable pan and zoom
    • Zoom to active areas
  4. Click Apply.

  5. Click Refresh Visual.

If neither of the options is checked, the graphic is static and shows the entire map, including the over-size continent of Antarctica.

If only Zoom to active areas is checked (this is the default setting), the visual automatically focuses on the parts of the map that have plotted dimensions. In the example of the world map used here, this includes all the continents except Antarctica.

If only Enable pan and zoom is checked, you can manipulate the appearance of the map in the following ways:

If both options are checked, you have both behaviors: the automatic focus on the relevant parts of the map, and the ability to pan and zoom.