Configuring Scope of Dashboard Filters

This article describes how to specify the scope of a dashboard filter in Arcadia Enterprise.

Displaying options of scope filters
Display Filter Scope Options

Extend Scope to All Apps with this Dashboard

To extend the scope of a filter so that all dashboards in the app are automatically filtered by it, select the Extend scope to all apps with this dashboard option. All apps that contain the dashboard inherit the selections and behavior of this filter. All sheets in a dashboard also inherit the filter behavior. App scope dashboard filters appear only in the filter area, either across the top or on the left side; you cannot move them into the main grid area.

When you select this option,in Edit mode, the filter widget on the dashboard displays a gray triangle on the top left corner of the filter. Hover over the triangle to view the tooltip.

Displaying a triangle on the top left corner of the filter
Extending Scope of the Filter

Send Parameters with Dataset Scope

When selected, the Send parameters with dataset scope option ensures that the dashboard filtering is consistent for all visuals that share this filter's dataset. This is the default for new filters.

For more information on explicit, dataset, and app scope filters, see Filter Scope.