Configure the Other Nodes

Follow these steps to configure the other cluster nodes:

  1. Install files for the Warden process manager that lets you to start, stop, and restart a service, and manages memory allocation:

    sudo /opt/arcadia/build/ -m /opt/mapr -i /opt/arcadia -h service_node_ip
  2. Verify that the state store is correctly set to the address specified in the previous step, as either host_name or service_node_ip, by examining the contents of the /opt/arcadia/conf/ file. It should contain the following parameters:

  3. During upgrades, if you saved custom configuration information for this node, as described in Upgrading Arcadia Enterprise on MapR, add it back into the /opt/arcadia/conf/ file.

  4. Install the ArcEngine service:

    sudo /opt/arcadia/build/