Installation Terminology and Architecture

We use the following terms when discussing installation and upgrade:

We deploy the ArcadiaStateStore on a single instance, commonly on the Service or Master node. Also known as the Arcadia State Server.
We deploy this service, also known as Arcadia Catalog Cache, on the same Service/Master node.
The ArcEngine, our Arcadia Analytics Engine, runs all of Arcadia's high-performance aggregation and cubing functions. It must be deployed on the Service/Master node, and every data node.
We deploy our Arcadia Visualization Server, which runs the user interface, on a single instance. This is typically the Web or Edge Node.
Web Node
This is a node that runs the ArcViz service, our user interface; also known as the Edge Node. It can be the primary name node.
Edge Node
See Web Node.
Service Node
This is a node that runs the ArcEngine planner; it is typically the primary name node.
Master Node
See Master Node.
Arcadia Enterprise Deployment Topology
Arcadia Enterprise Deployment Topology