Removing Datasets

The following steps demonstrate how to delete a dataset.

Caution. Deleting a dataset deletes all dashboards and visuals that use it. However, it does not delete the data from the database.

Any analytical views that were defined on the dataset remain.

  1. On the main navigation bar, click Data.

    Click DATA on main navigation bar

    The Data view appears, open on the Datasets tab.

    Main landing page of DATA
  2. Find the dataset in the list of datasets, either by scrolling or by using search.
  3. On the row that represents the particular dataset, click the (trash) icon to delete the dataset.

    Deleting a dataset
    Deleting a Dataset
  4. The Delete Confirmation modal window appears.

    It contains information about all related dashboards and visuals that the system deletes with the dataset:

    • Snapshot with a tag indicating if the artifact is a visual or a dashboard
    • Title
    • ID
    • Related Dashboards / Visuals lists the number of related artifacts, and their IDs.

      • For visuals, this is the number and IDs of dashboards where they appear.
      • For dashboards, it is the number and IDs of visuals that they contain.
    • Created date
    • Last Updated time period
    • Modified by username
    • Workspace

    In the Delete confirmation modal window's text entry field, type DELETE, in uppercase, and click Delete.

    Confirming Dataset deletion
    Confirming Deletion of a Dataset
  5. Type DELETE, and click Delete.

Note that the particular dataset no longer appears in the list of datasets.