Downloading Sheets as PNG Files

Arcadia Enterprise enables you to save the entire dashboard sheet as a .png file. This method is better than using a desktop tool because it handles images that are too long or wide to fit on the screen.

Availability Notes:
  • This feature is available only when thumbnails are enabled. See Enabling Snapshots and Thumbnails.
  • For snapshots of custom JS visuals, we support only ECMA Script 5 for Javascript.
  • Arcadia Enterprise does not support PNG download on the Windows platform.

The following steps demonstrate how to save the sheet as a *.png file.

  1. In Visual Designer, click the (ellipsis) icon at the top of the interface.
  2. Click Download as..., and select Image (png) from the secondary menu.

    Download as png
  3. A "Generating screenshot" message appears.

    Arcadia Enterprise saves the image to a *.ng file that has the same name as the sheet, in the default download directory.

    Note that Arcadia Enterprise renames sheets with names that contain characters not supported by the file system. For example, for the sheet "Example close/open issue", it generates the file Example close_open issue.png, replacing the forward-slash (ASCII #47) character with an underscore (ASCII #95) character.

    Generated *.png file of a sheet