Release Notes,

Arcadia Enterprise

(ArcViz, ArcEngine 2.5.5)

This document contains release information notes for Arcadia Enterprise.

This is a maintenance release that address the following known issues:


  • Cross-tab visuals: expansion interferes with CSV download

    After enabling the Expansion on Cross-tab visual types, attempts to download data as a CSV file generated only one row. This release improves the preparation of data for CSV download by applying the pre-expansion settings, so the CSV file contains all specified rows.

  • Dendrogram visuals: incorrect information in tooltip

    When hovering over the origin node, a trellised dendrogram displayed incorrect information. This release fixed the tooltip information.

  • Number formats in CSV downloads based on settings in the visual

    Starting with this release, number formating in CSV downloads depend on the user's locale, as defined by system variables.

  • Users without Manage Dataset privilege cannot make changes to their own datasets

    This release addresses the issue by automatically granting Manage Dataset permissions to users who create new datasets, enabling them to access and edit that dataset. Explicit changes to the role are not necessary.


  • Illegal state exception in show analytical views; not populating projection map correctly

    This release addresses the problem, and shows the correct number of analytical view partitions. Incremental refresh supports analytical views built on logical views, and populates the projection map.

  • Cannot start Arcadia Enterprise on MapR 5.2.1

    Prior to this release, we supported MEP 2.x. We now certify Arcadia Enterprise 4.0.x with MapR 5.2.x, running MEP 3.x.

  • Cannot perform incremental refresh of analytical views built on logical views

    Starting with this release, Arcadia Enterprise performs incremental refresh of analytical views build on a logical view that has a single table reference.