Release Notes,

Arcadia Enterprise Release

(ArcViz, ArcEngine 2.11.1)

This document contains release information notes for Arcadia Enterprise Release, and is accurate at the time of publication.

To see the notes for other releases, see Recent Release Notes.

In this release, we made the following enhancements:

To see our certification matrix, read Certifications.

To see the catalog of known issues, read Known Issues.

Upgrade to this Release

Arcadia Enterprise upgrades to Release from the baseline of Release 4.2.X and Release 4.3.X. If you have earlier versions of the product, you must perform a two-step upgrade: to Release, and then to Release

Dashboards with Multi-Page Table Visuals

In this customization example, we made the following changes:

Custom Table Style
We updated the custom style code, described in Create the Custom Table Style. Note you can download the complete file from multi-page-table.css.
Update Settings for Embedded Dashboard
We added the requirement to have full-width dashboards, described in Specify Dashboard General Settings.
We changed the Print PDF Scale option to the automatic setting, 0, described in Specify Dashboard Downloads Settings.
We updated the code described in Add Capabilities to Print Dashboard and Download PDF to work for embedded dashboards.
Add Custom Styling to the Table Visual
Make additional custom styling choices for the table visual by adding arc-print-last-table. See Create the Table Visual.
Removing Local Print Options
We removed the option to print the dashboard directly. Instead, create the PDF version of the dashboard first, and then print it.
Reporting the Totals at the Top of the Table Visual
When you configure a table to print across several pages and choose the options to report totals, the generated PDF file reports the totals at the top, immediately under the column headings. See Create the Table Visual.