Python Admin API Data Format and Response

Arcadia Enterprise provides examples of python Admin API data format and response.

The response data for GET operations is a list of JSON items. For POST operations, such as UPDATE and CREATE, the input format is a structure with a data field that contains the JSON list of items. The UPDATE and CREATE operations process one item at a time, so the list is exactly one entry long.

The response data for POST operations is the updated item, matching a GET with detail=1 for the item, as demonstrated in Example 1.

For item updates, it is only necessary to specify the fields you are updating. Arcadia Enterprise merges the supplied fields in the input data with the existing item's data, as demonstrated in Example 2.

Example 1: Setting the name for role ID=1 to 'System Admin'

payload = {'name':'System Admin'} + '/roles/1', data={'data':json.dumps([payload])})

Note that the API URL has the following form:


For syntax of other parameters, see Admin API Syntax Parameters.

Example 2: Checking role ID=2; updating by adding a new user

response = session.get(api_url + '/roles/2?detail=1')
role = response.json()[0]
if 'new_user' not in role['users']:
    payload = {'users':role['users'] + ['new_user']} + '/roles/2', data={'data':json.dumps([payload])})

For the definition of fields for each data type, see Data Type Details.