Admin API Demo

We are including a simple GUI demo to demonstrate how the Arcadia Enterprise URL-based Admin API can easily display the data format for each item type.

Developer Notes:
  • Use the demo with some caution: the system does not confirm DELETE operations, and it is not meant for implementing system configuration changes. It is simply a working example of the Admin API.
  • The demo is not enabled by default. It must be enabled, much as the actual Admin API URL support must be enabled, for each item.

Use the following statement to enable the demo:

ADMIN_API_DEMO_LIST  = ['visuals', 'datasets', 'connections', 'users', 'groups', 
  'roles', 'segments', 'filterassociations']

Alternatively, use the wild card to specify all options:


To fully enable all APIs and all demo tabs, use the wild card character in the settings entries for both ADMIN_API_DEMO_LIST and ADMIN_API_URL_LIST:


After enabling the demo, you can access it through the following URL: