Arcadia Enterprise provides URL access to the ArcViz server object, segment.

The segment data field is a complex structure that matches the UI Segment edit screen.

This article includes the following topics:

Segment Data Type

The JSON fields for role's data type are defined as follows:

JSON Fields for Segment Data Type
Field Detail Only Updatable Description
id No No Segment ID
name No Yes Segment name
dataset_id No No Dataset ID for the segment
created Yes No Shows the creation date for this segment
created_by Yes No Username of the segment creator
updated Yes No Shows the most recent update for this segment
updated_by Yes No Username of the segment updater
data Yes Yes Segment definition data, as described in Data Field Detail

Data Field Detail

The Arcadia Enterprise segment data field is a complex structure with the following specification:

Field Description
entities List of dimension expressions emitted by the entity-type segments
group Name of the group to which this segment belongs
filters List of filter expressions that define this segment
applyToNewVisuals Specify if new visuals on the dataset should start with filters defined in this segment