Rearranging Dashboards

You can easily move dashboards in an Arcadia Enterprise app, both within the same tab, or to a new tab.

This exercise demonstrates how to move dashboards between tabs. We are picking up our app at the end of the article Removing Dashboards from Tabs.

  1. Click to select the dashboard that you plan to move. We chose the Maps dashboard.

    Drag the dashboard to a different tab, and drop it.

    Moving dashboards between tabs
  2. You can change the order of dashboards within a tab simply by dragging them within the tab container.

    Changing dashboard order: moving dashboards within same tab
  3. Note that you can add the same dashboard to different tabs.

    Same dashboard on two different tabs
  4. However, you cannot add a dashboard to the same tab twice. You may move a dashboard from a tab into another tab that contains the dashboard; however the duplicate dashboard does not persist after saving the app.