ArcEngine Log Bundling Utility

In Arcadia Enterprise, you can share a large number of relevant logs with customer support, to more easily troubleshoot ArcEngine activity. We built an interface for compiling and downloading log information based on your criteria of start time, duration, specific nodes, log levels, and processes, and other options.

The utility retrieves ArcEngine logs from multiple nodes at the same time. This is the only way to retrieve all logs of multi-node systems, which is necessary to properly diagnose of ArcEngine issues for more complex installations.

We designed ArcEngine Log Bundling Utility so you can use it directly in the Activity Logging interface, on the ArcEngine Logs tab. See ArcEngine Log Bundling User Interface.

To use the command-line version of the utility, see ArcEngine Log Bundling Command-Line Utility and ArcEngine Log Bundling Command Line Utility Options.

In both cases, see ArcEngine Log Bundling File to understand the structure of the log bundle.

This video demonstrates how to use log bundling utility in the user interface.