Scheduling Analytical View Refresh

To schedule automatic refreshes to the analytical view, follow these steps:

  1. In the row for the selected analytical view, click the (calendar) icon.

    Schedule Analytical View Refresh
    Scheduling Analytical View Refresh
  2. In the modal window Schedule Refresh for ... modal window, specify the following attributes of the schedule:

    • Job Name

      The name of the scheduled analytical view refresh.

    • Repeat

      The interval for refreshing. The drop-down menu has the following default options: Hourly, Daily, Every Weekday, Weekly, Monthly, and Quarterly. Additionally, it lists existing custom schedule options, and the option to Create New Schedule.

    • Day Time Setting

      You also have the option to select at what time of day to run the refresh. We specify day time in UTC format. For your convenience, we provide local time to UTC comparison.

    Specify Refresh Schedule
    Specify Refresh Schedule
  3. Click Create.