Assigning Color to Specified Values

This feature applies to all visual types that use the Colors shelf.

Mapping colors to a specific dimension's values enables you to choose and modify a meaningful representation of values, such as 'green | red | amber' for 'success | failure | soft-fail'.

To adjust the colors, navigate to the Colors settings, and select the option Fix colors for specified values.

In the colors that appear for each value, make changes. For example, in a grouped bar visual that shows values for Female and Male segments, we can adjust colors in the following manner:

  1. Below the selected option Fix colors for specified values, click on the color you want to change. Let's change the color for Females.

    choose color to change
  2. In the expanded palette, select the new color. Here, we are changing the color for Females from dark turquoise to mauve.

    select new color
  3. Similarly, change the color for Males from light turquoise to dark turquoise.
  4. This is how the color indicators appear after your make the changes:

    new colors assigned to values

After refreshing the visual, notice the change to its appearance:

visual colors changed

You can ensure that these colors are used consistently across all visuals within a dashboard by combing this feature with Base colors on dimension values, described in Base Colors on Dimension Values.

If the color you want to use is not in any of the palettes available to you, you can define it through the Custom Colors interface.