Working with Dashboards

Arcadia Data dashboards consolidate related visualizations, can display and link visuals that are based on different datasets across different connections, and provide run-time filtering on all referenced information.

Arcadia Enterprise dashboards consolidate related visualizations. Dashboards contain one or more sheets for organizing visualizations. This gives you the flexibility to place all necessary information about a dataset, a line of inquiry, or a business on the same screen, and still have quick access to related or supplemental visualizations on other sheets. It all depends on the needs and wants of your enterprise.

After you create a dashboard, you add visuals and filter controls. You can customize its settings and styles, and add custom styles. To become familiar with the basics of building dashboards, see the overview of Visual Designer for Dashboards.

This section includes the following topics:

Tip. The following video demonstrates how to create a dashboard, change dashboard settings, and add visuals and filter widgets.