Using Direct Access

Arcadia Enterprise Direct Access interface enables you to run SQL queries on data connections directly on the data page. You can then quickly examine the structure of tables that are available on the connection, build a query using a standard SQL interface and preview its results, and then create a dataset on the query.

This topic describes the Direct Access interface.

Availability Note. Direct Access is available on Arcadia, SQLite, Impala, KSQL, and Hive connections.

Navigating to the Direct Access Interface

  1. On the main navigation bar, click Data.

    Click DATA on main navigation bar

    The Data view appears, open on the Datasets tab.

    Main landing page of DATA
  2. In the main area, click the >_ Direct Access tab.
  3. The Direct Access interface appears.

    Click the samples connection in left navigation (in this example, it is an Arcadia connection), and then select the samples database.

The Direct Access Interface

Direct Access interface
Overview of the Direct Access Interface
  1. The New Connection button is for connecting to any source of data. See Connecting to Data.
  2. The list of current connections.
  3. The New Dataset button is for creating datasets, which are necessary for developing dashboards and visuals. Note that you can also create a dataset based on the SQL query you develop here.
  4. For Arcadia and SQLite connections, the Add Data option enables you to introduce data that enriches your datasets, from outside sources. See Adding Data.
  5. The Supplemental menu, under the (ellipsis) icon, opens new options.
  6. For Arcadia connections, the Create Analytical View option creates analytical views. See the discussion on Analytical Views.
  7. For Arcadia and Impala connections, clicking Clear Result Cache forces a reload of the full table definition. See Refreshing Table Metadata.
  8. The Import Visual Artifacts option enables you to restore or import visual artifacts from a back-up *.json file.
  9. The Datasets tab lists all existing datasets on the connection. See Datasets.
  10. The Connection Explorer tab enables you to explore the databases and tables available on the connection. See Using Connection Explorer.
  11. The >_ Direct Access tab (current) enables you to access data directly by running SQL queries.
  12. For Arcadia connections, the Analytical Views tab provides an overview of all analytical views and their status. See Analytical Views.
  13. The Enter SQL code-enabled box enables you to enter the relevant data queries.
  14. The Autocomplete option helps validate the syntax of the SQL query.
  15. Clicking Run executes the SQL query. See Using Direct Access to Run a Query.
  16. You can Create Dataset based on the query.
  17. After the query executes, you can download the results in CSV format, by clicking Download CSV.
  18. The results show query results.