Real Number Display Format

Arcadia Data enables you to specify real number format for a numerical field.

The following steps demonstrate how to adjust the display format for a real number inside a visual: by setting a comma thousands separator and specifying the number of decimals.

  1. Click on the field you plan to modify, to open the Field Properties menu.
  2. Under Field Properties, click the Display Format option.

  3. In the Display Format interface, select Real Number from the Category menu.

  4. Make the adjustments, as needed:

    • Under Decimal Places, change the number of decimals.
    • To show no decimals, clear the Decimal Places text box.
    • To show all decimals, select the All option.
    • Select or de-select the Use 1000 separator option.

    Click Save.

    display format in Number mode
  5. Click Refresh Visual.