In cross tabulation visuals, you can enable expansion to display subtotal and combined total of the dimensions entered in the Row shelf.

To enable expansion, follow these steps:

  1. Click the field you plan to modify, to open the Field Properties menu.
  2. Under Field Properties, click Enable Expansion. A green dot appears to the right of the option.

    Note that the Enable Expansion option only appears on the Row shelf of the Cross Tabulation Visuals visuals, to make the field usable in that context.

    Clicking on a field in the 'Row' shelf to open the 'Field Properties' window and clicking the 'Expansion' option
  3. Click Refresh Visual to see the changes.

To disable expansion from a field, click the Enable Expansion option again; that removes the green dot.

To demonstrate how expansion works, see Displaying Totals With Data Expansion.