Explore Visual Options

Arcadia Enterprise helps you develop valuable insights into your data by suggesting new visual types and options based on the information you already use in existing visuals.

To see new visual types, you must first Enable Explore Options in the Site Settings menu under Visuals. See Enabling Visual Options.

To see the possible options, follow these steps:

  1. Open the dashboard in Edit mode.

  2. Select an existing visual, and hover over its top right corner.

    Select Explore Options, and then choose one of the available recommendations:

    • Visual Types
    • Colors
    • Styles/Fonts
    • Settings
    explore visual options
  3. You can also select Explore Options from the Visual Designer.

    explore visual options
Tip. This linked video provides recommendations on new visuals based on selected dimensions and measures, and also demonstrates how to make styling changes based on these recommendations.