Saving Apps as PNG Files

Arcadia Enterprise enables you to save a screenshot of an app as .png files. This method is better than using a desktop tool because it handles apps that are very long or very wide, and don't fit on the screen.

Availability Notes:

The following steps demonstrate how to take snapshots of an app.

  1. Open an existing app.
  2. If PNG download is not enabled, turn it on. See Permit PNG Download.
  3. Manipulate the app to show the data and charts that you want to capture.
  4. On the top right corner of the app, click (picture) icon.

    taking screenshot
    Capturing a Screenshot
  5. A confirmation message, Generating screenshot, appears.

    generating screenshot
    Generating a Screenshot
  6. After the screenshot generates, it is automatically saved to your default Download directory.

    You can easily access it from the download notification strip at the bottom of the browser window.

    generating screenshot
    Getting the Screenshot
  7. Note that the file snapshot.png looks like the image of the captured app.

    generated screenshot capture
    Screenshot Capture