Selecting a String Pattern for Values on Filter Shelves

For selecting a pattern in string values on a filter shelf, let's use the example from building Cross Tabulation Visuals, where we specify several discrete years of the dataset World Life Expectancy.

  1. On the Filters shelf, click (down arrow) on the country field placed there earlier, then click Select values.

  2. In the Filter for country modal window, click the Pattern tab, and then enter the necessary information.

    The patterns can be matched in the following manner:

    • Starts With
    • Ends With
    • Contains

    To select all countries that start with Z, select Starts With, enter Z in the text box, and click Apply.

  3. After clicking Refresh Visual, the cross tabulation visual appears. Note that only two countries, Zambia and Zimbabwe, match the filter conditions.

  4. To select all countries that end with 'stan', select Ends With, enter stan in the text box, and click Apply.