Creating the Dashboard

The following steps use a calendar heat map visual, such as the one described in Calendar Heat Map Visuals, which is built on the dataset SFPD Incidents [data previously imported into Arcadia from the datafile, data source default.sfpd_incidents]. If you have not already done so, import the datafile into Arcadia Enterprise, and then define the SFPD Incidents dataset.

  1. Start a new dashboard by clicking New Dashboard.
  2. In the Dashboard Designer for dashboards, open SFPD Incidents - Calendar Heat Map, built according to the instructions in Calendar Heat Map Visuals. Ensure that you are using the SFPD Incidents dataset.
  3. Note that the visual appears in the dashboard.

    viewing the visual in the dashboard
  4. To edit the visual, click the (edit/pencil) icon on the top right corner of the visual.
  5. Under Dimensions, select pddistrict and add it to the Filters shelf.

    Repeat with category and date.

    adding pddistrict, category, and date fields to the Filters shelf
  6. Name and save the dashboard. We used the name SFPD Incidents Cascading Filters.