Explore the Dashboard Filter Interaction

Finally, use the cascading filters to determine how the selections interact.

Remember that there are 39 possible categories of police incidents, distributed across 10 policing districts.

  1. Open the dashboard in View mode.

  2. Use the first application filter, datetime, to limit the date range to the 2010 calendar year. Start on 2010-01-01, end with 2010-12-31.

    Click Apply.

  3. In the second filter, category, select the value BAD CHECKS.

  4. In the third filter, pddistrict, notice that the value for PARK is missing; there are only 9 policing districts available in the filter.

    This is the result of filtering based on category BAD CHECK and date range 2010-01-01 through 2010-12-31. The resulting subset of data in the dataset does not include rows where pddistrict equals PARK.

  5. If you select another date range, such as years 2008 through 2014, all 10 districts show up on the pddistrict filter.