Installing Vendor-Supplied Packages

To install vendor-supplied packages, work with the Arcadia Data solutions team to obtain the latest Cloudera parcel packages.

Follow these steps to install the vendor-supplied packages:

  1. Change the directory location to the install directory where you extracted the install files. See Get Arcadia Data Install Files.

    $ cd install

    Click the Enter/Return key.

  2. Check the contents of this directory.

    $ ls

    Click the Enter/Return key.

    You should see a listing that includes the following files: ARCADIAENTERPRISE-relNum.cdh5-el6.parcel, ARCADIAENTERPRISE-relNum.jar, manifest.json, and README.

  3. Copy the *.jar files to the Cloudera csd directory.

    $ sudo cp *.jar /opt/cloudera/csd
  4. Start a local web server so that Cloudera Manager can retrieve the parcels.

    $ python -m SimpleHTTPServer 1985 &
  5. Restart the Cloudera service.

    Note that this step first shuts down the service, if it is running, and should take approximately 2 minutes.

    $ sudo service cloudera-scm-server restart