Creating New Schedules

Availability Note.

This feature is available only to users with administrative privileges.

To create a new schedule that can be used by one or more scheduled jobs, consider the following steps.

Incidentally, you can also create a custom schedule intervals when creating new scheduled emails; these intervals appear in the Manage Schedule Intervals interface, and may be re-used for other jobs.

  1. In the Manage Schedule Intervals interface, click Create New Schedule.

    creating new intervals
  2. A Create New Schedule Interval modal appears.

    new schedule modal
  3. In the Create New Schedule Interval modal, specify the parameters of the schedule:

    • In Interval Name field, enter the name for the new schedule interval. We used My Custom Interval.
    • When choosing the date/time of the run, remember that time format is in UTC. For your reference, we added your local time format designation. In this example, local time is in PDT format, equivalent to UTC-0700.

      • In the first selectable field, choose the largest time component. By default, this is year. We chose month.

        selecting first time component in interval
      • The second selectable field is for the day of the month. You can choose multiple days by clicking on them, or deselect by clicking a second time.

        selecting day of month time component in schedule interval
      • Lastly, set the hour a minute components of the schedule. As with previous fields, multiple selections are possible.

        selecting hh:mm component in schedule interval

      Note that the number of selectors depends on the granularity of the time interval specified by the first choice.

      Click Create to save the new schedule.

      completed schedule interval
  4. A brief success message appears on your screen.
  5. The new interval appears in the Manage Schedule Intervals interface.

    deleting jobs

Note that the Next Run Time for the new schedule interval is at 04/29/2017 21:00 PDT. This translates to UTC time as 04/30/2017 04:00, as specified in the previous steps. To adjust the interval, see Changing Schedule Intervals.