Exploring a Sample Application

We recommend that you explore our sample applications first. You can then begin building your own visualizations by either connecting to your database, or uploading your data directly.

We encourage you to start by looking through our Sample Dashboards and see how they use a combination of visuals and filters to provide business insights in sample datasets. You can then connect to your own data, create datasets, and build your own dashboards.

  1. On the Home page, click one of the Sample Dashboards. We chose US State Population Trends.

  2. Note the appearance of the dashboard: US State Population Trends. It contains three visuals:

    • A choropleth (area) map of the united states
    • A bar chart of comparative population sizes
    • A trellised line chart of populations, with separate graphs for Midwest, Northeast, South, and West segments of the dataset
    Dashboard in view mode
  3. To learn how to edit dashboards, see Visual Designer for Dashboards.
  4. To learn how to edit individual visuals, see Visual Builder for Visuals.