Support for Confluent KSQL Connections

Confluent KSQL connections in Arcadia Enterprise support streaming data display and updates.

Tip. The following video demonstrates how to create the KSQL connection and use it to build datasets and dashboards.

Note the following support considerations when using Confluent KSQL connections:

Animation-Enabled Visuals in Arcadia Enterprise

In Release, we enhanced the following visuals to support streaming data through smooth animation: Lines, Bar, Areas, Stacked Bars, Combo, Calendar Heatmap, Correlation Heatmap, Packed Bubbles, Pie, and Scatter.

Limitations of KSQL

Currently, KSQL does not support full ANSI SQL operations. As a result, Arcadia Enterprise instances have the following limitations when working with datasets and dashboards that use data through Confluent KSQL connections:

  • Derived Data

    KSQL does not support grouping through scalar functions, so derived data fields as dimensions (part of GROUP BY statement) do not work. Derived data fields can be used directly when not grouping, such as in table visuals.

  • Dimension Fields

    KSQL mandates use of a dimension field with any metric. No metrics can be used without an associated GROUP BY attribute.

  • Analytic Functions

    KSQL does not support Analytic functions (also known as 'Windowing functions'), such as moving average, percent of group, percentage of previous, and running total.

  • Creating Tables and Streams

    The tables and streams used by the Confluent KSQL connection must be created on the command line.

  • Date and Datetime Data Type

    KSQL does not support the DATE and DATETIME data types.

  • Average()

    KSQL does not support the average() function. Instead, you must specify the expression sum()/count().

  • Top K / Ordered Sort

    Arcadia Enterprise does not implement ordered sorting on KSQL connections.

  • Data Modeling / Table Joins

    Arcadia Enterprise supports only left table joins, with Stream on left side and table on right side, in datasets based on Confluent KSQL connections.