ArcEngine Log Bundling Command-Line Utility

The command-line version of the Log Bundling Utility enables you to combine all ArcEngine logs for a specified time period and share them for easier debugging of operations. This is a direct, non-UI interface to achieve results similar to the ones we get when using the ArcEngine Log Bundling Utility.

The Command Line Utility is a stand-alone utility that accepts the log bundling request with mandatory and optional parameters, and writes 'bundled' logs to a local directory.

Availability Notes:
  • Available only on Arcadia connections.
Enter the following minimal command to get bundled logs. Here, you must include the name of the connection (connection_name), the start time for the logs (start_time), the duration (time_interval), the name of the output directory (local_output_directory), and the username of the requester (user).
./arcviz  util log_bundling --dcname=connection_name 

Invoking the Log Bundling Utility, Simple Case

The following example shows how the user steve can collect all ArcEngine logs on the connection MyConnection, for 1 hour starting 9 p.m. local time, on June 19, 2018. Arcadia Enterprise places the long bundle into the local directory /Users/steve/Download.

./arcviz  util log_bundling --dcname=MyConnection 
                            --start_time="2018-06-19 21:00:00" 

To see the description of all options for the Log Bundling utility, you can reference the topic ArcEngine Log Bundling Command Line Utility Options.