Filter Data Using the Include Option in the Context Menu

You can click on a mark of a visual and include selected values in the filter shelf of the visual designer.

The Include option is enabled by default in all visual types except Table and Queries visual types.

Follow these steps to include selected values in a visual.

  1. For Table and Queries visual types, in Edit mode, navigate to the Marks menu, and select the Show Context Menu.
    show context menu
  2. Click on any mark of the visual to open the tooltip and the context menu.
  3. In the context menu that appears, click Include. Here, we are selecting the line for Africa, in year 1985. Note that these values are added in the filter shelf of the visual designer.

    Clicking the 'Include' option in the context menu to create a new filter
  4. Click Refresh Visual.
  5. After applying the Include filter, notice that the following image only shows the average life expectancy in Africa in year 1985.

    Viewing the visual after applying the 'include' filter