Creating New Roles

An Admin user can create new roles for Role Based Access Control.

Availability Note. This feature is only available to users with administrative privileges.

The following steps demonstrate how to create a new role.

  1. On the main navigation bar, click , the gear icon.

  2. In the dropdown, click Manage Roles.

    Administration menu; shows App Groups, Set Homepage, Site Administration that includes Activity Log, Users & Groups (active), Manage Roles, Custom Styles, and Site Settings
    Selecting Manage Roles from Admin () Menu
  3. The Roles interface appears.

  4. Click New Role.

    In Roles page, clicking the New Role button
    Creating a New Role
  5. The Role definition interface appears, open on the Privileges tab.

    Roles page, role definition, nothing clicked
    Role Definition Interface; Nothing Defined
  6. In the Role definition interface, name and save the new role.

    • In Name, enter the name of the new role.

      We used Test Role 1.

    • In Description, enter a brief purpose for the new role.

    • Click Save.
    Naming and saving a new role
    Role Definition Interface; Naming and Saving
  7. Arcadia Enterprise generates a success message.

To check that the role exits, lick Roles at the top of the menu.

Navigating to the list of roles from role detail view

Notice that the new role is in the list of roles.

New role in list of roles

Next, continue by defining Privileges and Members for the new role.