NLS Terms for Visual Types

In Arcadia Enterprise Natural Language Search, you can specify a visual type that displays search results.

The support for visual types includes the following function:

As visual_type

Revenue and quantity sold by product name as scatter

The Natural Language Search supports the visual types listed in table NLS Visual Types:

NLS Visual Types
Visual Type Keyword
Table table, data
Cross Tabulation crosstab
Bar bar
Lines line
Combo combo, combined
Areas area
Grouped Bars grouped bar, groupedbar
KPI kpi
Gauge gauge
Bullet bullet
Packed Bubbles packed bubble, bubble
Scatter scatter
Pie pie
Radial radial
Chord chord
Network network
Dendrogram dendrogram
Treemap tree map, treemap
Correlation Heatmap correlation heatmap, heatmap
Map map
Interactive Map interactive map, leaflet
Sparklines sparkline