Match Suggested Questions

For easy and faster search, Arcadia Enterprise suggests predefined questions in the Natural Language Search dropdown list.

Before searching datasets, make sure you configure your datasets for Natural Language Search. See Dataset Configuration for Search Requirements.

When the user starts to enter text in the search text box, the dropdown list displays predefined suggested questions that match the characters entered in the search text box. In our example, when we enter the characters, 'highest', the dropdown list highlights all suggestions with the characters highest in the string.

Displaying 'Search your data' text box with the typed string 'Highest', a dropdown list with search results from searchable datasets, and the Search History showing all suggested questions containing the string 'Highest'.
Highlight Suggested Questions That Match the Entered Text

Click one of the suggested questions to start your search. In our example, we clicked Highest calories in cereals. Notice that the matched visual from dataset Cereals appears in the Results window.

Displaying the selected question, Highest calories in cereals, in the 'Search your data' text box and the visual from dataset Cereals in the Results window.
Selected Visual Appears in the Results Window