Search Bookmarks

Arcadia Enterprise enables you to bookmark the results of Natural Language Search, and to easily manage these bookmarks.

The Bookmarks tab of the Search interface has the following features:

Search Bookmarks
Search Bookmarks
  1. Add to Dashboard

    Selecting this option adds selected visuals to an existing dashboard. Note that this a bulk operation. See the Selector.

  2. Create Dashboard

    Selecting this option creates a new dashboard that contains selected visuals. Note that this is a bulk operation. See the Selector.

  3. Supplemental Options

    Supplemental options enable you to make bulk changes to selected results. See the Selector.

  4. Unbookmark Selected

    This enables you to remove bookmarks from several results at the same time, after selecting them. See the Selector.

  5. Clear Selection

    This enables you to clear the selection status on several results at the same time. See the Selector.

  6. Bookmarked Result

    The main area of the Bookmarks tab shows a list of bookmarked results. By default, they are in collapsed mode, to see more items.

  7. Expand/Collapse

    The | icon expands or collapses the individual result. To preview the visual, expand the result.

  8. Explore

    Clicking the (explore) icon enables you to choose an alternate visual.

    This option is non-operable initially. Expand the bookmarked result, and then you can use the Explore interface. See Changing Result Visual Type Through Explore.

  9. Explain

    When you click the (explain) icon, it opens a tooltip that explains the parameters of the result visual: its dataset, the measures and dimensions on its shelves, filters, and sort.

    This option is non-operable initially. Select or expand the bookmarked result, and then you can see the tooltip.

  10. Bookmark

    All entries that appear in this list are bookmarked results. To remove an entry from the list of bookmarks (to delete the bookmark), simply click the (bookmark) icon.

  11. Selector

    This is a toggle:

    • Click the icon to select a result.
    • Click the icon to de-select a result.

    Selecting multiple results lets you perform bulk actions on them.