Changing the Dataset Search Domain

In Arcadia Enterprise, you can perform Natural Language Search across all enabled datasets, or restrict your search to selected datasets.

For example, when searching across all search-enabled datasets, which is the default setting, the search population by state returns results from four datasets: State Population, Chicago Parking Violations 2003 to Present, Credit Card Transactions, and _healthIns_claims_search.

Searching Across All Datasets
Searching Across All Datasets

To limit the search, follow these steps:

  1. Select the Datasets menu.
  2. De-select all unnecessary datasets.

    This restricts the search to relevant data.

    You may choose to de- all datasets, and then selectively add some of them back.

  3. Enter the natural language search request.
  4. Press the Enter|Return key on your keyboard.

In this example, we removed the dataset State Populations from search criteria, so the result based on that dataset no longer appears.

Searching Across Fewer Datasets
Searching Across Fewer Datasets