Ranger Auditing on Kerberized Clusters with an Arcadia User

You can automatically configure Arcadia service based on existing Hive Ranger Auditing settings.

If your installation has a custom Arcadia service account configured, see Ranger Auditing on Kerberized Clusters with a Custom Arcadia Service Account.

To configure Arcadia service to automatically use existing Hive Ranger Auditing settings, follow these steps:

  1. In the Advanced arcadia-analytic-engine section, select the Enable Apache Ranger Support option.

    Enable Apache Ranger Support
  2. The installation process automatically generates ranger-arcadia-security.xml and ranger-arcadia-audit.xml files, based on hive configuration.

  3. Switch to the Ranger Admin interface.

  4. Under Edit Services, in Config Properties, grant additional permissions to the arcadia service user.

    Add following configuration Names to the list of users in the Value column: tag.download.auth.users, policy.dowload.auth.users, policy.grantrevoke.auth.users, and ambari.service.check.user.

    Enable Apache Ranger Support

Note that Ranger Auditing into Solr logs any authorization access into ArcEngine.