Cloudera: Specifying Kerberos Settings

In Cloudera Manager, you can enable Kerberos authentication on Arcadia Enterprise service.

If you are planning to run on kerberized clusters, make sure you enable kerberos before installing Arcadia Enterprise service. To create a kerberized cluster, see Create Kerberized Cluster.

After installing Arcadia Enterprise service on Cloudera, perform the following steps to enable kerberos authentication:

  1. Log into Cloudera Manager and click Clusters in the top navigation menu.
  2. Under Arcadia Enterprise, click Configuration in the top menu bar.
  3. On the Configuration page, under Filters > Scope, click Arcadia Enterprise (Service-Wide).
  4. In the main area of the interface, in the search box, enter the text kerberos and start the search.
  5. Under Authentication Type field, select kerberos.
    Selecting kerberos in the 'Authentication Type' field.
    Selecting Kerberos Authentication
  6. Restart Arcadia Enterprise service.