MapR: Installing an SSL Certificate on ArcViz Server

To enable secure connections from Arcadia Visualization Server (ArcViz) to a browser, install an SSL certificate on ArcViz server on MapR.

After Installing Arcadia Enterprise on MapR, follow these steps to install an SSL certificate on ArcViz server.

  1. Navigate to the ARCVIZ_ARGS variable in the /opt/arcadia/bin/arcviz file. It should have the following value:

    ARCVIZ_ARGS="--server_user=mapr --server_group=mapr --port=38888"        
  2. Append the location of the ssl-certificate-filename and ssl-key-filename files to this variable using the following syntax:

    ARCVIZ_ARGS="--server_user=mapr --server_group=mapr --port=38888 
       --ssl_certificate=ssl-certificate-filename --ssl_private_key=ssl-key-filename"         

    In our example, we used the files domain.crt and domain.key files in the ssl/ directory. Our instructions would appear as follows:

    ARCVIZ_ARGS="--server_user=mapr --server_group=mapr --port=38888 
       --ssl_certificate=/ssl/domain.crt --ssl_private_key=/ssl/domain.key"         
  3. Restart ArcViz on the service node, where service_node_ip is the address of the node.

    sudo maprcli node services -name arcviz -action restart -nodes service_node_ip

This completes a successful installation of the SSL certificate on the ArcViz server.