Define Groups for Teams and Access Levels

Let us now create the groups of users by organizational team, and by level of required access.

  • There are three distinct access levels across the organization: Data Admins, Analysts, and Visual Consumers.
  • There are three teams: Marketing, Sales, and Operations.

The following steps demonstrate how to create the necessary user groups in ArcViz. Note that depending on your architecture, this definition may happen at the LDAP layer, with the groups visible to ArcViz.

  1. On the main navigation bar, click , the gear icon, and select Users & Groups.
  2. In the Manage Users & Groups interface, click New Group.
  3. In the New Group window modal, create a new group Data_Admins.

    [Optional] You may choose to add users to the group at this point, but we plan to do this at a later stage.

    Click Save.

  4. Repeat these steps to create additional new user groups: Analysts, Visual_Consumers, Marketing, Sales, and Operations.