Recommendation-Only Output Mode

In the Command Line Utility, use the recommendation-only output mode to view only the analytical view statements.

In the recommendation-only mode you can view only the recommendatons. the aview create statements, and syntax of the input query. This ouptut format makes it easy for the admins to simply copy the output and use it in their environment to accelerate apps.

To view a brief summary of the analytical view recommendations, syntax of the input query, and the recommendaion status, use the Default Output Mode. For detailed information about the analytical view recommendations and the input query, including the information of the base tables, use the Verbose Output Mode.

To display analytical view recommendations in recommendation-only mode, follow these instructions:

Command Syntax and Output Form

To see the output in Recommendation only mode, enter a command with the following syntax, either the long or short form.

./arcviz util recommendation --dcname=<data_connection_name> --file=<file_path to the queries file> --recommendation_only

./arcviz util recommendation --dcname=<<data_connection_name> --file=<file_path> -r
Your output will have the following form:
<aview create statement_1>
<aview create statement_2>
<aview create statement_n>

Example: Recommendation-Only Mode

In our example, name of the data connection is Recommendation and queries are accessed from the text.txt file.

The output only shows the recommended aviews with the CREATE ANALYTICAL VIEW statements, and has the following information:

Table Name

Name of the base table that appears in the form database_name.table_name. In our example, it is test.

Recommended Aviews

Names of the recommended aviews. . In our example, it is recommended_aview_1 and recommended_aview_2.

File Format

Format of the base table. In our example, it is PARQUET.

Select query

Syntax of the select query. In our example, it is SELECT avg(f), c, count(a), e FROM test.recom1 GROUP BY c, e;

./arcviz util recommendation --dcname=Recommendation --file=/var/lib/arcadia/test.txt —recommendation_only
CREATE ANALYTICAL VIEW `test`.`recommended_aview_1` STORED AS PARQUET AS SELECT c, count(a), d, sum(b) FROM test.recom1 GROUP BY c, d;
CREATE ANALYTICAL VIEW `test`.`recommended_aview_2` STORED AS PARQUET AS SELECT avg(e), g, h, ndv(f) FROM test.recom1 GROUP BY g, h;