List of Permissions

When defining privileges, the following default permissions exist at each level:

System-Level Permissions Role-Level Permissions Connection-Level Permissions Dataset-Level Permissions

Site-level capabilities:

Defined separately for each role:

Defined separately for each data connection:

Defined separately for each dataset:

available permissions

To relate the permissions to what options are available in the Data interface of ArcViz, consider the following:

  1. System-level Manage data connections permission is necessary to see the New Connection button, and to edit existing connections, (pencil/edit) icon (both in the left navigation panel).
  2. Dataset-level View visuals and dashboards permission is necessary for a particular dataset to appear in the list of datasets for the selected connection.
  3. Connection-level Create datasets, explore tables permission is necessary to see the New Dataset button over the list of datasets, the Connection Explorer tab, and the (trashcan/delete) icon on the dataset row.
  4. Connection-level Manage analytical views permission is necessary to see Create Analytical View option in the (supplemental) menu, and the Analytical Views tab.
  5. Connection-level Manage data connections and dataset-level Manage dataset permissions are necessary for the user to Clear Result Cache, which is another option in the (supplemental) menu.
  6. Connection-level Import data permission is necessary to see Import Data option in the (supplemental) menu.
  7. System-level Manage styles and settings, connection-level Create datasets, explore tables, and dataset-level Manage dataset and Manage visuals and dashboards may all be required to Import Visual Artifacts, an option under the (supplemental) menu. This depends on the type of import..
  8. Dataset-level Manage visuals and dashboards permission is necessary to see the (new dashboard) and (new visual) links on the specified dataset rows.
Permissions on the Data interface
How Permissions Affect the Data Interface