Routing Queries with Logical Views to Analytical Views

Routing with logical views significantly extends the range of SQL statements that may be expressed through analytical views, and enables us to support table joins, unions, window functions, and more complex expressions in the analytical views.

Availability Note.

We implemented the logical view mechanism for partition-based analytical views. Logical views are not part of the sequence-based analytical view implementation.

When using analytical views over a logical view, the query makes computations based on cached data that models any valid SQL request statement.
Query Routing Through Arcadia's Analytical Views and Logical View

It is possible to benefit from incremental refresh (which ensures faster loading of data into analytical views) if the analytical view is partitioned on the same column(s) as the table referenced by the logical view. This is possible when the logical view uses only one table. Self-joins prevent incremental refresh because the table is referenced twice.

Contrast this with Routing Queries To Analytical Views Defined on Tables, which have some limitations on SQL operations.