Restricting Row-Level Access

An Admin user can implement row-level restrictions for basic user accounts, ensuring that private, regional, or otherwise protected data cannot be accessed by users who lack the required clearance. Arcadia implements this by specifying associations between filters and appropriately restrictive role definitions.

This article demonstrates how to restrict row-level access in the dataset, to assign territories to specified sales representatives.

Availability Note. This feature is only available to users with administrative privileges. Setting filter associations does not restrict access for users with administrative privileges.

This article uses the dataset Customer Value Analysis, which is based on datafile customer-value-analysis.csv.

The process of specifying row/column access involves the following tasks:

  1. Specifying Segments that filter data according to the business requirements.

  2. Creating the Users and User Groups that must have restricted access, and assigning to them the restricted roles.

  3. Specifying Roles for restricted access.

  4. Specifying Filter Associations between segments and users or user groups.

  5. Verifying Access Restriction on a Visual for a visual on the same dataset.